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This agreement has some boring legal stuff, and we have tried to explain it in a simple friendly way. We are not responsible for any misinterpretations, and encourage you to ask as many questions as possible before signing. We like to create beautiful things so let’s get past the awk- ward phase and on to planning your perfect day!

Booking Your Wedding: To book your wedding and get on our calendar, we require a $500 reservation fee. This reservation fee goes toward the cost of your wedding flowers on the date of your wedding, but is non-refundable should you cancel for any reason at any time. (Secure your wedding with a $500 payment that is not refundable, ever, for any reason)

Payment Terms: At 3 weeks prior to the wedding, we require that your wedding flowers are 100% paid in full. Payments should be made by check to E Johnston Designs. You are responsible for any returned checks and costs to defend the same. A returned check fee of $75.00 will be ap- plied to your account. (all payments are due 3 weeks before the day you say “I do”. This helps to remove any extra things to worry about on your special day and ensures that all resources are paid in full)

Changes to Your Designs:

• For changes made more than three months before your wedding: Your final payment

amount will be adjusted to reflect those changes. If you are removing items from your or- der, and have already remitted final payment, then a refund may be processed for the difference. If you are removing items from the original order, you may be responsible for the cost of specialty items specifically for your wedding that have already been purchased by E. Johnston Designs. (It is okay to change your mind within a reasonable time. If that change increases your contract, you will have to pay the difference. If it reduces your con- tract, you may get a small refund)

• For changes made more than three weeks, but less than 3 months before your wedding: Changes this close to your wedding are permitted, however a reduction in your order of greater than 20% is not permitted within 90 days of your wedding date. Additions are acceptable and adjustments will be made to your estimate. (We want to give every client the best service on their wedding day, so we do not overbook, and may potential decline booking another event, based on the time commitment we expect to service your wed- ding). If you are removing items from the original order, you may be responsible for the cost of specialty items specifically for your wedding that have already been purchased by E. Johnston Designs.

• For changes three weeks or less before your wedding: There is not a refund for items re- moved from your order. We will apply the dollar amount and/or flowers already ordered for any items removed toward something else for your wedding. You are however able to add additional needs, possibly right up to the wedding date, as long as they are reasonable. (Additional costs may apply) Reasonable requests include: additional boutonnieres, center- pieces, corsages, and the like. EJD reserves the right to determine which requests are reasonable on a case-by-case basis. (When pushing it this close, there is no way we can refund anything. Sorry. You can still add on for an additional fee that would have to be paid in ad- vance. If for any reason we cannot make it happen, we will tell you and of course, no addi- tional money is due)

Canceling Your Wedding:

• Should you cancel this contract for any reason at any time you forfeit your $200 booking fee, regardless of the reason for cancellation. (We know things happen, but in order to make sure everyone is treated fairly, we do not consider individual circumstances for refunds, we just can’t. There are no refunds on deposits)

• In the event of postponement of your wedding, (before 3 weeks prior to the wedding date) all monies paid to date will be held for two months, pending reschedule. If rescheduling does not occur within two months of the original wedding date, all monies will be forfeited. (We are running a business and have to be able to schedule other weddings. We do not want to bother you with continuous follow up either. Communication is vital! Make sure to secure a new date within 60 days to avoid a total loss)

• If you should cancel/ reschedule l 2xess than 3 weeks before your wedding date listed on this contract, all payments are non-refundable. (If you cancel this close, there is no way we can re- fund your money as we would have already incurred expenses for your entire event. We hope this does not happen but we are sure you understand)

• E. Johnston Designs reserves the right to cancel this contract if at any time if we feel that our obligations cannot be met. In the event of fire, natural disaster, tragedy, or any other emer- gency, our liability is limited to full refund of all monies paid. (Heaven forbid something happen in our company or personal lives that keeps us from attending your event! Life happens right? This little clause is in the event that life happens. If mother nature goes all crazy on us, we want to protect us (you + me) in that scenario too. You will get a full refund for the amount of what you paid me, regardless of expenses I incurred)

Material Rental: Vases, Candle Holders, Stands, etc., are available for rent through E. Johnston Designs. An additional deposit may be required. This deposit is fully refundable once all rented materials are returned. All materials are expected to be returned in the condition that they were rented. If materials are lost and/or broken, the refund of the rental deposit will be forfeited to cover the replacement cost. (This means, you break, you buy. A little harsh, I know. Things hap- pen and I promise not to capitalize or add profit to an unfortunate event. I do however have to be able to offer all my brides the same awesomeness. In order to do this, I have to replace what is broken)

Delivery, Setup, and Pick up: E. Johnston Designs offers complimentary delivery to one location. We will set up your flowers and will pick up your rentals from the venue one to two days after your wedding. If you would like an additional delivery location (such as separate locations for ceremony and reception), please discuss this with us prior to your wedding. An additional deliv- ery fee may be required.

If your venue will not allow rental items to be stored until the following day, please discuss other arrangements with Elaine Johnston. In most instances, delivery and set up of your centerpieces, cake flowers, reception décor, and ceremony décor, as well as pickup of rentals, is included in the price of your flowers. We will discuss the possibility of fees for these services with you, and will determine any fees on a case-by-case basis.

Additional services that MAY require a fee: Placement of runners and table linens, putting votive and tea lights on tables, lighting candles, pinning on corsages and boutonnieres (also known as “servicing the wedding”), moving décor or vases from the ceremony to the reception, clean- up/break-down of floral décor, etc, may be subject to additional fees. Client-requested face-to- face consultations (outside of the initial and final meeting), estimate revisions, and design recre- ations are available at an hourly charge. We reserve the right to determine fees for these and other services on a case-by-case basis, and will discuss any fees with you. (We know you may need some extra hands and we are willing to do it. I pay people to help and you pay me back, simple)

Our Guarantee: The guarantee for your flowers is as follows: E. Johnston Designs will create a wedding plan for you, in detail, listing all your preferred flowers and requests. These requests will be our first priority and we will complete your wedding dreams to the best of our ability. Please note that due to weather, pests, and seasons some flowers are not available when they typically should be and/or are not acceptable quality to use. Should this happen, we will use my discre- tion and substitute flowers similar in look and color.( this means sometimes your ideal flower may not be available, I will use my expertise to make sure you are happy)

Often flowers simply grow in a color shade darker or lighter, smaller or bigger, taller or shorter and we cannot control this. Again, we will use my discretion and substitute flowers if needed. Should you have substitution flowers in mind, please make us aware of such those for guidance in these decisions.

Communication: Please do not hesitate to voice all your questions and/or concerns. Communi- cation is very important and we want to create the wedding-day flowers you have always pic- tured. Please keep us up to date with any changes to your wedding plans and your flower order, and plan to schedule a final consultation, either in person or by phone, four to six weeks before your wedding.

*Please schedule a 30-minute final consultation with Elaine approximately 4 weeks prior to your wedding.

Complaints/Reviews: If for any reason you are unpleased with your experience or results, please share your concerns with E. Johnston Designs, privately, so that we can make things right. Similar- ly, your reviews via Social Media/Wedding Wire allow us to serve beautiful clients like you! We ask that you refrain from discussing pricing via social media as we do not want to dilute the quality of your investment in your special day.

Photos: We are very appreciative of any professional photographs you wish to share of your event via social media and tagging @EJohnstonDesigns or using the hashtag #EJDesigns. We will share, repost, retweet and pin your photos with appropriate credit to your event and vendors. We reserve the right to obtain our own images and/or hire our own photographer at the expense of E Johnston designs for the sole purpose of marketing so that other brides may see the value of our work. We will be mindful to wait until the conclusion of your wedding to share any personal photos, so as to not spoil the surprise of your beautiful day for your guests.

Hold Harmless:: We reserve the right to refuse any design or installation that would potentially put you, your guests, the venue, our staff, or any other attendee at risk for harm. As the event holder(s), you assume all responsibility for any damage that occurs to the property, property amenities and adjacent common areas as a result of your rental or event. In consideration for receiving our services, you, the event holder(s), hereby releases, waives, discharges and holds harmless and promises to indemnify E. Johnston Designs, its agents, volunteers, or officers from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of, or related to, any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by the event guests, Venue, or any of the property belonging to the Venue as a result of our service and/ or your wedding floral design. (Safety is always first in every event design and installation, and we will discuss any concerns or conflicts that we feel would put you or your guests in harms way.)

By signing this document(manually or electronically), making a payment or accepting services, you consent to be legally bound by the terms and conditions, above.


Updated 04/2023

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